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Valentine’s Day: Let’s celebrate love!

Good news for the lovers, here comes the Valentine’s Day!

The world is turning slowly from the danger of pandemic and lock down of the last year. This valentine’s day, show people that you care and how much you missed them during the pandemic and lock down.

On 14th February each year, valentine’s day is celebrated all around the world. It is the festival of love, admiration and friendship. The day of love is mainly celebrated in the US, UK, Canada, France, Mexico, Italy and other countries. But due to globalization of occasions, we Indians also started celebrating this love week with our unique style!

History of Valentine’s Day

In the 3rd Century, in Rome, in the reign of Emperor Claudius II, Saint Valentine was a priest. The emperor was determined that bachelor men serve better in the army than a married one. Therefore, he prohibited marriages of young people in his country and forcefully ordered them to join the army. However, St. Valentine was against this law and he secretly performed marriages of young couples. However, when Claudius got to know about this, he ordered a death penalty for St. Valentine’s on 14th February, Therefore, since the death of St. Valentines on 14th Feb, the day is celebrated as the day of love and remembrance of the priest for love.

Every year we celebrate this day and specially this entire week to show our love to people who are truly special to us.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day

The best part about this day is that Valentine’s day is not for couples only. It is an international day that depends on the bond and the relationship between people. No matter if they are lovers, or friends, or siblings, or even parents or other family members!

Another fun fact about 14th Feb is that it is also a candy holiday. Do you know, more than 1 million boxes of chocolates and candies are exchanged every year on this day? Another interesting fact about the combination of cadbury and Valentine’s day is that Richard Cadbury made chocolates for V’day for the first time!

Many couples choose to celebrate this special day with dinner, movie night, or with special home cooked food. Most restaurants, and shops provide special valentines day offers. Therefore, this valentines day, don’t forget to promise your lover to stay together till death do you apart!

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