Mahalaya-The beginning of Durga Puja


Mahalaya is the day when Goddess Durga came down on the earth from heaven or Kailash Parvat. Kailash Parvat is a place where Goddess Durga resides with her family.

Mahalaya and Homecoming

The Bengali community celebrates this day mostly. The day of Mahalaya marks the beginning of Devi Paksha and the end of Pitri Paksha. Pitri Paksha is considered to be the period of mourning. From this day itself, the Bengalis have that “Pujo-Pujo” feeling.

What special thing happens on this day?

Mahalaya is celebrated mostly prior to a week of Durga Puja, although it can change. On this day some Hindu households perform the ritual of “pitritarpan”. They offer prayers to their ancestors in the form of “pind-daan”. 

                                                  The Significance of the day

The Occasion also includes giving”bhogs” to Brahmins. This day Goddess Durga along with her four children Kartik, Ganesh, Saraswati, and Laxmi came on the earth. 

The youth have different outlooks for this day. They start picturing the lightings, the Pandals, and also the potters in Kumartuli in Kolkata. 

On this day the Durga’s eyes have been painted by the potters which are known as “Chokkudaan”. 


How is this day is celebrated

The fervor of the Durga Puja festival begins with this day. Durga Puja starts from the seventh day of it and ends the tenth day of Dashami off on this day. There are several programs on television and radio are been performed. It is a famous day among every Bengali who religiously wakes up at 4 a.m. to listen to the Mahisasura Mardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. The mantras are assumed to invoke the Goddess and the religious hymns are picked up from the Hindu religious scripture Devi Mahatmyam or “Glory of the Goddess”.   

Goddess Durga

 People wake up in the morning, spend the day reciting prayers and hymns. 

The School colleges and also some workplaces are given holidays or half days because of the starting of the festival. 

Food and clothes are offered at the puja mandaps. The food offerings made for the ancestors are usually cooked in silver or copper vessels and typically offered on a banana leaf or cups made of dried leaves. The food generally includes kheer, lassi, rice, dal, spring bean vegetable, and yellow gourd.


This time between Mahalaya and Durga puja there is a month’s gap which occurs but this time, “Mahashashthi” marks the beginning of the Durga Puja. Usually, the gap between ‘Mahalaya’ and ‘Mahashashthi’ is six days. But, this year ‘Mahasashthi’ is on October 22 this year. The 35-day gap between ‘Mahalaya’ and ‘Mashashthi’ is regarded as ‘mala mash’ or an ‘unholy month’ which has two new moons or ‘Amavasyas.’ So, ‘mala mash’ is a month when according to scriptures the auspicious rituals are avoided.

The most auspicious duration when Durga Puja is celebrated is the ‘Devi Paksha’ that will begin from October 17 this year. It starts with the first day of the Sharadiya Navratri which is also known as ‘Pratipad.’

Durga Puja

CORONA Restrictions

Due to the global pandemic this time. There is no excitement that has been shown as of now. The shopping of Bengalis starts prior to months before Mahalaya but this year is vague. 

People are facing financial constraints as most of the people have lost their jobs and the others are afraid. Many apps have been launched so that the people enjoy this festival sitting at their houses. The apps will allow people to offer personalized prayers, help them to understand mantras. The apps will also allow people to virtual visitors to contribute money to any puja committee.

Durga idol at Kolkata pandal 

Ispat Enterprises Pvt. Ltd wishes may the positivity removes all worries from your life, and give you the strength to face every strife. May Goddess Durga destroy all evil around you and fill your life with prosperity and happiness in this upcoming Durga Puja!

Happy Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

 In the 19th-century teacher’s day was first introduced in many countries. This day comes every year on the 5th of September. On this day, the teachers have been appreciated and receive praise for their roles.

Students acknowledge the contribution of their teachers in their lives. Teachers are considered as the backbone of any student to become a better person. 

We all have some teachers who lead us to the person we grow up to. Some teachers taught us the valuable lessons of our life by being strict and some by being gracious. The teachers are the role models for their students. One should follow them, listen to them, and respect their teachers in every possible way.

Celebration of Teacher’s Day at school

Why Teacher’s Day is being celebrated on 5th September

Every year Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September. On the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. 

Who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan?

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born in the year 5th September 1888, in a middle-class family of Tamil Nadu. He was a philosopher, academic, and statesman of India. He was also the Vice President and President of India. 

 He was one of India’s most influential scholars of comparative religion and philosophy during his times. 

He was appointed as the Vice-chancellor of Andhra University, Delhi University as well as Banaras Hindu University. He was also the first person to hold at Oxford University.

In 1954 he was also awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India.

The words of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan were, ” Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teacher’s Day”. Thereafter his words teacher’s day started from 1962 in India. In the honors of him and all the teachers, This day has been celebrated all over India.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Who are Teachers?

Teachers are persons who nourish and prepare students for their future. They are believed to be the real icons of knowledge and wisdom. They are believed to be the source of light in the world in darkened times. Teachers help us to garner knowledge, improve skills, grow confidence as well as they help us to choose the right path. For their amazing contribution to our life. We all should remain grateful to them and shower upon them our love, respect, and gratitude. 

How is Teacher’s Day Celebrated?

Teacher’s Day gives opportunities for students to do something for their beloved teachers. The students on this day entertain their teachers with numerous performances according to their choices. 

In school, there were events of decorating the classrooms before the arrival of a teacher who is a class teacher. After the teacher enters the classroom everyone welcomes the teacher with warm greetings. Also wishes them and then the cake especially for this occasion has to be cut by the teacher. Then all the beautiful gifts that students have brought for their beloved teacher are to be given. 

By showing the value or importance of the teachers in the student’s life. Every student tries to make the teachers all the love and respect they deserve.

Teacher’s Day 2020:

Nothing is common in the year 2020 as compared to other years. Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. All the schools, colleges, universities, and even the educational institutions are shut down. There will be no celebration of Teacher’s Day physically. But like every problem has a solution, so this year all the students will be showering their love online. 

By attending virtual teacher’s day programs and performing their acts inside their home premises. This proves the immense love, initiative, and excitement of the students for their beloved teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers who have always been pillars of support for their students.

Happy Teacher’s Day

Secularism in India

Secularism in India

                                                               Secularism In India


As per the first month of the Islamic calendar. Muharram is celebrated as the advent of the Islamic new year by participating Muslims all around the globe. It is considered to be the holiest month for Muslims after Ramadan.

During this solemn time observing Muslims refrain from taking part in any joyous event.

                                                        Muharram Celebration

Why is Muharram Celebrated? 

The tenth day of Muharram is known as the Day of Ashura and also sometimes as Mourning of Muharram. 

Sunni Muslims mark the day Nuh left the Ark, the day Prophet Musa was saved from the Pharaoh of Egypt by God, crossing the Red Sea with his people. It was on the tenth day of this month that Moses gained victory over the Pharaohs of Egypt. The most famous one being the Pharaoh of oppression.

The Shia Muslim community commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the son of Hazrat Ali and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Hussein was murdered during the Battle of Karbala.

The murder of Hussein in a month when war or fight is forbidden. Shia Muslims take this month to remember the bravery of Hussein and his family and mourns this month. 

Shia’s start off with the mourning from the first night of Muharram and the grief goes on for ten nights.

                                                Public gathering for Muharram

How is it celebrated?

Different factions of Muslims look into this day differently. For Sunnis, it is the day of celebration and for Shias, it is the day of mourning. Both the communities observe fast on this day. Sunni Muslims fast for an extra day. 

Some Shia Muslims gather at the mosques to cry over the death of Hussein. Some perform public rituals like chest-beating, self-flagellation with chains, and forehead cuttings.

The Sunnis Muslims look into this as a festival during which they maintain calm and silence. They keep a fast on Ashura as per Hadith of Prophet Muhammad. 

                                                       Celebrating Muharram

Muharram Celebrated  India:

In India, Muharram is considered as a holiday. This means that government offices, banks, and post offices are closed and others work on a half-day basis.

On this day parades and large gatherings took place in the streets. Men beating their chest and self-flagellation with chains can be shown on the streets. 

Muslims cook something sweet like sweet rice and share with family and friends to eat after the fast.

                                  People on the street in India during Muharram

Ispat Gold on Muharram:

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